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  Interview at NAB 2012. Firmware upgrades make the A-Cam dII from Ikonoskop an even more powerful tool for independent filmmakers looking for a lightweight digital cinema camera, that can record uncompressed files from a 16mm type sensor.


GoPro at NAB 2012 : Wifi Back

  Interview at NAB 2012. With one of the most dynamic booths at NAB, GoPro didn’t fail to impress this year again. This time, it was a demonstration of their new Wifi Remote control unit controlling up to 50 cameras at once. Yeah… Be a Hero…  


AJA Video Systems at NAB 2012 : KiPro Quad

  Interview at NAB 2012. With the popularity of the KiPro and the KiPro mini, AJA would not let the 4K gravy train just roll on by. Watch this new 4K Recorder from AJA… pretty slick!  


Convergent Design at NAB 2012 : Gemini RAW : Part 2 of 2

  Interview at NAB 2012. Building on the success of the Gemini 444 uncompressed on-board recorder, Convergent Design brings us the Gemini RAW. Able to record multiple streams of ARRI RAW and other RAW formats (Canon RAW from the C500). Part 2 of a 2 part Interview.  


MATROX at NAB 2012 : Thunderbolt Solutions

  Interview at NAB 2012. Thunderbolt has grown in popularity in the recent months and Matrox has been happy to join the fray with some pretty exciting Thunderbolt solutions of their own.



NAB 2011 is right around the corner : April 9 -14th to be exact, in beautiful Lost Wages Nevada. This year’s show is setting up to be a pretty interesting one indeed, with new cameras from the likes of SONY, Panasonic and JVC, and a new line-up of DSLRS from Canon and Nikon, new 2D […]

Episode 17:  NAB 10 – Wrap Up

Episode 17: NAB 10 – Wrap Up

|| Hosted by: Suny & Steve || This was an exciting year for both technology and innovation. 3D seems to be the new HD, with offerings from all major manufacturers both on the acquisition side and the display side of the equation. Our hosts will break down what’s hot, and also who showed what. With […]

ARRI ALEXA CAMERA at NAB 2010 : Part 1

ARRI ALEXA CAMERA at NAB 2010 : Part 1

Video interview at NAB 2010. Michael Bravin from Arri, gives us a complete tour of the new and much anticipated ARRI ALEXA camera. Raw + ProRes444! What’s not to like ! Featured in EPISODE 17 of the Tech Media Planet Podcast.

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