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Apple Issues Critical Update to Final Cut Pro X and Debuts a Free Trial Opportunity

In recent months, critics of Apple’s Final Cut Pro have blasted the video production software for a number of perceived issues that sparked an unprecedented amount of user backlash against the otherwise unquestionable popular software. In response to the widespread displeasure expressed by users, Apple has released what’s being called a major update to its […]


New Version of Dual Eyes and Plural Eyes Software!

    Singular Software, developer of workflow automation applications for digital media, is pleased to announce¬†DualEyesand¬†PluralEyes 2.0. Thanks to a combination of algorithm improvements and multiprocessing techniques, DualEyes and PluralEyes 2.0 automatically synchronize video and audio clips at speeds three to ten times greater than their predecessors, allowing users to finish projects even faster. “In […]

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FROM NAB 2011 : Apple demos new Final Cut Pro

At this year’s Final Cut Pro User Group Supermeet in Las Vegas (during NAB 2011), Apple surprised everyone by buying out the entire event. Why would they do that? Yes, I already gave it up in the title, a brand spanking new 64bit, complete re-write of Final Cut Pro. Here is a clandestine iPhone photo […]

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