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BlackMagic Design at NAB 2012 : Cinema Camera

    Interview at NAB 2012. We expected many things from Black Magic Design at NAB, but not a Digital Cinema Camera. 3K recording for $3000…. WOW! A bit of a strange form factor for a cinema camera, but let’s see what this puppy can do before we judge it too harshly.


BlackMagic Design at NAB 2012 : DaVinci Resolve 9

    Interview at NAB 2012. A completely re-designed UI for this upgrade to DaVinci Resolve. A very powerful program just got more powerful, and the LITE version is still just 0$ and 0 cents… who can argue with that price!  


BlackMagic Design at NAB 2012 : TERANEX

  Interview at NAB 2012. After BlackMagic Design’s acquisition of Teranex, we didn’t know what quite to expect. What we got was lower prices, more power, and more functionality from the new Teranex offerings.  


BlackMagic Design releases DaVinci Resolve Lite for FREE!

Blackmagic Design today announced DaVinci Resolve Lite, a new reduced feature version of DaVinci Resolve that includes many powerful color correction features in a downloadable software package available free of charge, is now shipping. To help promote the art of color correction, DaVinci Resolve Lite includes many powerful features found in the full version of […]


BlackMagic Design at NAB 2011 : Overview

Interview at NAB 2011.┬áDan May, walks us through a whole slew of new products from the innovative team at BlackMagic Design. From uncompressed disk recorders, to live switchers and crush proof converters, there’s never a dull moment with BlackMagic Design. Featured in Episode 25 of the Tech Media Planet Podcast.

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