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Apple Issues Critical Update to Final Cut Pro X and Debuts a Free Trial Opportunity

In recent months, critics of Apple’s Final Cut Pro have blasted the video production software for a number of perceived issues that sparked an unprecedented amount of user backlash against the otherwise unquestionable popular software. In response to the widespread displeasure expressed by users, Apple has released what’s being called a major update to its […]


Is it time to ditch your tower?

I know, crazy talk right? Well maybe not. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about moving my “home computer” off of an old G5 PowerMac and onto the new Mac Mini. Why! You may ask… It’s all about how my computer use has changed over the years. You see I have that tower […]


What happened to my MacPro update?

I’m just saying we waited for close to 2 years for an update and all Apple could come up with was a few more cores and a slightly faster PCIe buss. They don’t even build that stuff… Not cool. What happened to USB 3? How about another PCIe slot? I understand that it costs money […]

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