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Episode 29: NAB 2012 Wrap Up

|| Special Guest: Michael Cioni || Michael Cioni from Light Iron Digital, sits with our hosts to discuss the hits and misses at this year’s NAB 2012. While 3D seemed to be on the backburner this year, 4K seems to have flourished. Are we ready for a 4K world? NOTE: To listen to the podcast on […]


MEDUZA SYSTEMS at CETE 2011 : 3D Camera System

Interview at Createasphere Entertainment Technology Expo 2011. The latest entrance into the 3D acquisition world is an interesting one. A compact, all-in-one, military grade camera with interchangeable lenses, sensors and machine-gun mount!


3ALITY TECHNICA at CETE 2001 : 3D Rigs

Interview at Createasphere Entertainment Technology Expo 2011. The merger of two dynamic 3D companies 3ALITY DIGITAL and Element Technica, has now given birth to the new 3ALITY TECHNICA. A complete one stop shop for all things 3D, as well as 2D Accessories.


CINEDECK at NAB 2011 : Cinedeck Extreme

Interview at NAB 2011. Alan Hoff gives a hands on demo of what some are calling “the most powerful on-board recorder” on the market today. It records 4:4:4, Stereoscopic, multiple codecs, and has a touch screen display and controller in a very small ergonomic package. An amazing piece of technology… Featured in Episode 25 of […]


MIO 3D at NAB 2011 : Overview

  Interview at NAB 2011. Seth Shore explains the concepts behind Sean Fairburn’s latest 3D innovation MIO 3D. Essentially Multi-Interocular 3D… definitively worth a watch!   Featured in Episode 25 of the Tech Media Planet Podcast.  


EX3D at NAB 2011 : 3D Eyewear

Interview at NAB 2011. With the advent of 3D comes the need for 3D glasses. While you might think that your only choices are the ones offered by the TV manufacturers, this is rapidly changing, with many different companies coming into the fray. Jim Pritts from EX3D explains their product lines and their advantages over traditional […]

A Sneak Peek at DSC's Un"chart"ed NAB Product Lineup

A Sneak Peek at DSC’s Un”chart”ed NAB Product Lineup

NAB 2011 PREVIEWS DSC LABS GIVES A SNEAK PEEK AT ITS UN”CHART”ED PRODUCT LINEUP FOR NAB 2011 As 3D innovation continues to evolve, DSC unveils its most avant-garde 3D precision test charts to date Toronto, Canada – January 27, 2011 – DSC Labs, eco-friendly developer of innovative products for image quality improvement, has announced that […]


S3D CGI Maya Plug-In

S3D Technologies launches the S3D CGI Maya Plug-In ·      Professional ·      Efficient ·      Fast ·      Reliable ·      Saves you time   S3D Technologies LLC, US-based research and development technology company that creates solutions for stereoscopic 3D production, is pleased to announce that it will launch the S3D CGI Maya Plug-In. The S3D CGI Maya Plug-In […]

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