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Teradek’s Cube is one of the best ideas I’ve seen in a while…

So there’s this little company in Irvine called Teradek, they have a good reputation for building IP video streaming boxes. The kind you would hook up to your edit suite to share cuts with directors or producers in another location. Cool right? Well ya but not exactly mobile, until now. They have just announced that […]


Why you should go see Step Up 3D…

I really liked Step Up 3D, I know, crazy right. I was tricked into seeing it and ended up enjoying it. As you can imagine the story was not exactly the greatest (hilariously bad at times, which is a good thing), but the dancing was truly amazing. Now to be fair my wife comes from […]


Is it time to ditch your tower?

I know, crazy talk right? Well maybe not. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about moving my “home computer” off of an old G5 PowerMac and onto the new Mac Mini. Why! You may ask… It’s all about how my computer use has changed over the years. You see I have that tower […]


Worried about your iPad on set?

I’ve often thought about using my iPad “Off Road” if you will. The only issue I have is accidentally destroying it. Well in my surfing today I came across the coolest case for the drop prone crowd. It’s made by a company called OtterBox and it’s called the DEFENDER… It makes your iPad into a […]


Time to Jail Break?

Well here goes nothing? With jail breaking being given the ok by Uncle Sam does that mean it’s time to go jail break crazy? Maybe, there is a lot of cool stuff that is only available when using a “fugitive phone”. So, I’m going to give it a go and update my thoughts on how […]



You know with the advent of the iPhone 4 and it’s not-too-bad camera, I’ve been spending some time looking at Apps that make iPhone photo-taking a little more creative. In large, I’m not a big advocate of all photography happening on your phone; I think the depth of field you get from a 35mm film […]


What happened to my MacPro update?

I’m just saying we waited for close to 2 years for an update and all Apple could come up with was a few more cores and a slightly faster PCIe buss. They don’t even build that stuff… Not cool. What happened to USB 3? How about another PCIe slot? I understand that it costs money […]

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