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Light Extruding

Some of you might have seen the “Making Future Magic” video on vimeo, it was made by extruding light out of an iPad… Cool right, well if you watch the video it required some pretty complicated 3D modeling, a little beyond your average photo guy. Meanwhile our good buddy Tim Smith from Canon had lent […]


AF100 ready to roll… Will just miss the Christmas Rush?

I know, I know… All you wanted this Christmas was a Panasonic AG-AF100, the repackaged cine style version of their GH2 sensor. Well your going to have to wait… but not too long. Panasonic announced today that the AF100 will start shipping on December 27th at a cost of $4,995.00… Not bad and I’ll bet […]

10.7 Lion... What does it all mean.

10.7 Lion… What does it all mean.

So as I’m sure everyone has heard by now Apple is going to talk about what’s happening with the Mac on Oct 20th. They are also going to show off Mac OS 10.7, which is already being called Lion based on the glimpse of a Lion being offered on the official apple invitation. So what’s […]

What's on your iPad?

What’s on your iPad?

I get ask that a lot. I’ve got a mix of stuff, a few games, a lot of comics and a few apps that I use every day at work… So I thought I would put together a quick list. Enjoy. Good Reader This app will let you view just about any file on your […]


No dancing…

Sitting quietly is fine but absolutely no dancing…


Why would you pay 170k for a BMW without back seats or air conditioning?

If you know me you know that I love BMWs and if you love BMWs then you really love the M “for motor sports” devision of the company. These are the guys that build the X6/X5 M, the M5, M Roadster and my favorite the M3. Why? You might ask is this a topic for […]

Screen shot 2010-09-08 at 2.54.34 PM

REDs in space?

Well in near space anyway. Check out the latest video from the Red Bull Stratos team. They are using a collection of RED One 4k cameras and Canon 5/7D HDSLRs to record Felix Baumgartner jump from the edge of space… Crazy Stuff. Check it out: THE RED BULL STRATOS CAMERA SYSTEMS


A better way to process 5D material…

I had lunch with a friend this afternoon who mentioned a little piece of software that processes the H.264 footage from the 5D much better than the Canon FCP plugin. I’ve not had time to test it out but the example images on the site look great. They are doing a public beta first then […]

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