NEW P+S TECHNIK Products 2011 – PS-Cam X35



PS-Cam X35: New creative possibilities to tell the story differently


At IBC 2011, we’ll introduce a certainly revolutionary product for the industry: The new PS-Cam X35.



The PS-Cam X35 is the first film-style Digital Cinematography Camera made for the DAILY creative use of various kinds of special speed and motion effects (slow motion, fast motion, ramped motion and time lapse motion). With its unique set of features making motion effects easy to produce, it´s a combination of a sync sound AND motion effects camera providing additional frame rates all of the way up to 450 fps – a 2 in 1 camera. So, firstly, the PS-Cam X35 is a proper all-purpose sync sound camera with a 35mm-sized CMOS imager and a global shutter. Secondly, it’s also an exciting alternative for crews and producers who want to make the leap from film to digital as seamlessly as possible while having motion effects capability with their main camera package at their fingertips. Thus, it’s an all-purpose motion effects camera with daily workhorse capability due to the following unique combination of features:


          2 in 1 sync sound and high speed camera

          1 – 450 fps

          Perfect tool for all kinds of motion effects (slow motion, fast motion, ramped motion and time lapse motion)

          Global Shutter for enhanced motion capture capability

          640 ASA base sensitivity

          11 T-stops latitude


Find more technical details on the new PS-Cam X35 at .


PS-Mag 16DSR-III: Breathing new life into Arri SRIII


The PS-Mag 16DSR-III is finished and ready for delivery, now. It is a portable digital recording unit, shaped like a film magazine, that is designed to seamlessly interface with the Arriflex SRIII Super 16mm film camera. With the PS-Mag 16DSR-III, cinematographers are able to shoot an SRIII film camera utilizing existing high quality lenses with the accuracy of the optical viewfinder while utilizing all existing film accessories and recording digitally!

As the PS-Mag 16DSR-III supports the industry’s best compression and unmatched CineForm HD workflow its footage seamlessly integrates with common post-production chains. No data experiments, no time-consuming and expensive post-production, just efficient production. So be prepared to meet a new hybrid hero on set: 16SR III cameras supporting all advances of a digital workflow.


Find more technical details on the new PS-Mag 16D SR-III at .


NEW Accessories for the PS-Freestyle Rig


P+S TECHNIK developed some new accessories for the PS-Freestyle Rig.


PS-Freestyle Magic Support

The new Magic Support for the PS-Freestyle Rig completes the setup as it can be mounted on cranes, lambda heads and tripods 100% balanced. Additionally, it works as an adjustable riser on tripods in the 90°-position. It can be mounted almost everywhere and features a quick lock mechanism. Attaching the Freestyle Rig takes only a few seconds.

PS-Freestyle Quarterwave Filter


The polished and multicoated beamsplitter mirrors of P+S TECHNIK split the light exactly 50/50. Anyway, the physics of dielectric mirrors also cause a partial splitting of differently polarized light waves.

P+S TECHNIK now offers a high quality Quarterwave Filter for the PS-Freestyle Rig. It leads to a severe reduction of polarization artefacts without almost no light loss. Additionally, the Quarterwave Filter consisting of optical glass with a high quality coating reduces flare and protects the beamsplitter mirror. The Quarter­wave Filter can be mounted and dismantled very quickly with a special quick lock mechanism.


A White Paper concerning polarization artefacts is available in our 3D download section.


Find more technical details on the new PS-Freestyle Accessories at .

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