12bit RAW, Global Shutter, and Instant-RAW-Recording unleashed

 Unleashing 12bit 4:4:4 RAW
We are constantly working on improving our products and most recently we achieved a major new level in advancing the image-quality of our amazingly small indiePOV-camera: native 12bit 4:4:4 recording! You can now record the absolutely pristine native 12bit RAW data of our sensor through our standard HDSDI-3G connector. The images look absolutely stunning with improved dynamic range and virtually no artefacts and very low noise. Our 12bit footage mixes very well with much larger high end production cameras and is even used in the most demanding theatrical productions for the big screen.
 Global Shutter: indie-GS2k Pre-Order
As we are moving into production of our new 2k-camera with global shutter, we give you the opportunity to be among the first to own this amazing camera. Pre-orders will open at IBC and for a 1k EUR deposit you will be on the right track for unrivaled 2k global shutter 12bit quality!
Record RAW to any uncompressed HDSDI-Recorder and use cDNG for your DI-Post! As all of our signals are HDSDI-3G compliant you can now record our 12bit-RAW stream to ANY, yes ANY uncompressed HDSDI-recorder out there. If used with the Blackmagic Hyperdeck Shuttle, you get the smallest 12bit RAW recording setup for 2D and 3D in the world!  The software to decode cDNG files from Quicktime-video files will be available starting from IBC 2011 for just 199,–EUR.
 Package-Deal with Blackmagic-Hyperdeck Shuttle
Unleash the quality and performance of a big movie-rig with the size of a POV-camera! Capable of using Indiecam´s Instant-RAW-Workflow, the IndiePOV-Camera together with the Blackmagic Hyperdeck Recorder and the 5,6″ TV-Logic monitor VFM-065WP on a special rig offers you flexible mounting and recording combinations with the smallest size and weight you can imagine. And all of that for an unbeatable price! More Details coming soon.
Seeing is believing! 
Therefore, at IBC 2011 we will be giving you hands-on experience of our cameras. We will also be showing you the Instant-RAW-Workflow live from sensor to screening and will present a selection of brand new film samples. Come and see the high dynamic range and superb image quality of our compact and smart Indiecam systems – in 2D and stunning 3D.

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