Art in the Streets Exhibit

Today is the last day of MOCA’s Art in the Streets exhibition.
For those who haven’t heard, it’s a retrospective of this past century’s most influential “street artists”. After the public success of this year’s Academy Award nominated film “Exit through the gift shop”, many people are now getting acquainted with names such as Banksy, Shepard Fairey and others, however many have not had a chance to see first hand what their works look like. After all, most street art is temporary at best as it usually gets removed/destroyed under the guise of it being graffiti or some other type of vandalism.
I decided to face the mass last minute crowds and check out the show this past weekend and I must say… Holy Cow! It was amazing…
While I’m not a natural fan of graffiti artwork (I do find most of it depressing, as all I really see when looking at most of it, is how much work a janitor or other will have to do to clean up the mess), some of the work clearly transcends into a rather evocative form of expression, and if I may even dare say so …. ART.
After being moved by a few pieces I decided to start photographing them on my iPhone 4 with the thought that I might never get to see these pieces again. Then it occurred to me, that many of you might never get to see them at all. So… while I fully realize that a low quality photograph of high quality work is almost an oxymoron, I feel that in this particular case, most of this work will never be seen at all, and that would be a damn shame. So here it goes, I’m posting for your (possible) enjoyment some of the photos I took at the exhibit, hoping that even my low quality subjective renderings of the work will spark some emotional cord as it did with me at the show.
The work I am posting is by a whole bunch of amazing artists : Banksy, Shepard Fairey, Retna, Space Invader, Keith Haring, Chaz Bojorquez, JR and a few others. I am purposely not labeling each piece. If you see something intriguing, I encourage you to do more research and find out more about that piece of work and the artist behind it.


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