Episode 26: Final Cut Pro X

Did This One

|| Special Guest: Michael Cioni ||

Michael Cioni from Light Iron Digital, joins our hosts to discuss the very controversial release of Apple’s latest Final Cut X. Many professional editors are already dubbing it iMovie Pro, while others are already looking for exit strategies towards Adobe Premiere and AVID. Michael a long time Final Cut Pro user in post production professional applications says “not so fast”, “wait till you see what this thing can do”. In a first for Tech Media Planet, we have a Quicktime Video Clip that can be downloaded from our website so that everybody can follow along with Michael in his demonstration and explanation of why he believes that Final Cut X truly is a game changer and will set the standards by which all other NLE’s will have to compete.

IMPORTANT : In order to follow Michael during his presentation of FCP X, you will have to download the quicktime video file below. If you subscribe to our audio podcast in iTunes and have downloaded the MP3, wait for the portion of the audio podcast where you are told to hit PLAY on the Quicktime Video and hit the PLAY button in your media player. That way you will be in sync with the audio podcast. How fun!

If you have a fast internet connection, you can download the Quicktime Video, open it in a media player (like Quicktime Player), and play the audio podcast on this page. When told to hit PLAY on the Quicktime Video, do so, and you should be in sync with the audio podcast. Technology is so bloody awesome!

Download Quicktime Video File   ——–>        Final Cut Pro X Demo for Episode 26

(might take a little while, it’s big!)

NOTE: To listen to the podcast on this page click on the play button below.

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