PHANTOM FLEX at 5000 fps !!!


The PHANTOM FLEX allows you to record life in ways no human eye can see. At 720p HD the camera allows you to record at 5000 fps. It is very difficult to imagine what 5000 fps per second actually looks like so we decided not to try. Instead, we got our hands on a PHANTOM FLEX and decided to see for ourselves. The result is the video below.

NOTE : Sorry for any advertising pop up at the beginning (It’s a YouTube thing). We do not make a penny on those, so please feel free to close the ad window on launch.

NOTE : For maximum pleasure, enjoyment and comfort we at TMP recommend setting the YouTube player at the very least to “720p HD” mode so that you can see the video at the same size it was shot at. For the really brave among you, why not click “Full Screen”? Come on! We dare you!



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2 Responses to “PHANTOM FLEX at 5000 fps !!!”

  1. avatar Suny says:

    For those of you who are acting buffs, pay close attention to the focus and concentration Steve displays in the “banana cutting” section. Meisner and Stanislavski would be very proud!

  2. avatar 5K Bullfighter says:

    You bet! Stallone or Seagal wish they had such control with blades during the peak of their careers. 😉

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