FROM NAB 2011 : Arri announces 3 new ALEXAS

At a press conference earlier yesterday. Arri announced the new line-up of ALEXA cameras. To complement the ARRI EV-1, we now have the ARRI EV-Plus (which was announced last year but is now available and shipping).

The EV-Plus brings a host of wireless features to the ALEXA as well as positional meta-data encoding making it a highly sought after for VFX work.

In addition to these two, ARRI announced a Modular design (primarily for 3D rigs) called the ALEXA-M, where the “brain” comes delivered detached from the recording body.

The first prototype models will be sent to Vince Pace and Jim Cameron (at the Cameron Pace Group), but we should expect to see it in wider release by early next year.

The last camera in the series, previously dubbed the OV-1, is now the ALEXA STUDIO. It brings with it an Optical Viewfinder system and allows for a recording area of 4×3 so that it can support Anamorphic lenses and recording. (On a side note, the anamorphic de-squeeze in the EVF and Monitor Outputs will cost you extra bucks….. would have thought that 80K would have covered that much needed feature…)



Stay tuned from more NAB 2011 news, and watch for live interview updates on our YouTube channel!


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