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Episode 24: DIT Station

|| Special Guest: Martin Christien || Martin Christien with DIT STATION, talks to our hosts about their custom DIT/DMT offload and playback system for both RED Digital Cinema cameras and other solid state recording cameras. How much does it cost? What comes with it? Is it upgradeable? All these questions and more will be answered […]


Banksy’s Gone!

  Where once stood an imaginative and thought provoking piece of art by one of the most elusive street artists of our times BANKSY, now stands…. nothing. 18% GREY to be more exact. The landlord of this building in Westwood Village that houses an “Urban Outfitters” among other tenants was really “annoyed” to find that […]



NAB 2011 is right around the corner : April 9 -14th to be exact, in beautiful Lost Wages Nevada. This year’s show is setting up to be a pretty interesting one indeed, with new cameras from the likes of SONY, Panasonic and JVC, and a new line-up of DSLRS from Canon and Nikon, new 2D […]

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