Banksy in Westwood!


Arrested by Banksy's Work
Banksy at Work!

When “Exit through the GiftShop” was nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Documentary Feature category, the question on everyone’s mind was “Is Banksy going to show up and accept the award himself, should he win?”. Hopes of this happening were dashed earlier last week when producers of the Academy Awards notified one of the doc producers Jaimie D’Cruz, that they will not allow five people wearing Monkey Masks to storm the stage and all claim to be Banksy. So more than likely, the artist himself will not be allowed to attend the award show so as not to open the door to any “monkey business”.

At the Indie Spirit Awards, “Exit through the GiftShop” won best doc, and none other than “Mr. Brainwash” himself (Thierry Guetta), the man who unsuccessfully tried to make this documentary for years, and who is essentially portrayed as an Art Fraud by Banksy himself, went up on stage, all smiles to accept “his” award.

How brilliant is that!! While the Academy is worried that they will be made fools of by men wearing monkey masks, they see no irony in sending an actual monkey to pick up the award. Absolutely B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T !!!

Now what about Banksy himself? Does this mean he will be watching the awards from his home across the pond?

Well, that’s clearly not knowing Banksy and his work. While walking around my local neighborhood in Westwood, en route to Trader Joe’s, I spotted what looked very much like Banksy’s handiwork. A mural of a child painted in Black and White, with child like crayon markings surrounding him as he brandishes a RAMBO style machine gun. This certainly had all of the markings and stylings of Banksy’s work, so I rushed to his website :

Sure enough, there it was. So while they might not let him into the Kodak Theater on Sunday night, he is very much in Los Angeles right now. Personally, I think the Oscars could use some monkeys in their show tonight…

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