Light Extruding

Some of you might have seen the “Making Future Magic” video on vimeo, it was made by extruding light out of an iPad… Cool right, well if you watch the video it required some pretty complicated 3D modeling, a little beyond your average photo guy.

Meanwhile our good buddy Tim Smith from Canon had lent Suny and I a couple of 5D Mk II’s and some really fast glass for a few weeks, so over the weekend Chris Peariso for Light IRON digital and I thought we’d see if there was a simple way to DIY it. After a quick little internet search I found out I’m not the only one interested in “light extruding”, so much so that Franz Bruckhoff wiped up a little app called Holographium. This iPhone/iPad app makes it super easy to build the 3D extrusions you need to make the super cool looking long exposure holograms.

Here’s what we did.

1) Download the app and figure out your settings.

2) Find a really dark place, we used a golf course in the middle of the night.

3) Setup you camera on a tripod, put it in full manual, here’s our setting.
f/2.8 – ISO 100 – 10 Second Exposer

4) Set the timing of the extrusion just a little bit shorter than the exposer time, tilt the iPad to about 30% off axes for the camera.

5) The next part takes a lot of practice, slowly move from right to left. Once you get the timing just right you’ll have a supper cool looking hologram.

We also got ahold of a Playstation move, so naturally those magic glowing balls made there way out as well… Give it a go and post your photos in the comments.

Tech Media Logo, this was attempt 15 or 20…

Light IRON in green

Cool looking Playstation Move controls, super fun glowing balls…

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