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Episode 22: The Social Network

Episode 22: The Social Network

|| Special Guest: Ian Vertovec || Colorist Ian Vertovec from LightIron Digital takes us through the ins and outs of color grading one of this year’s biggest hit films “THE SOCIAL NETWORK”. While most people know that the film was shot entirely on RED ONE MX cameras, most do not realize how visual effects heavy […]


S3D CGI Maya Plug-In

S3D Technologies launches the S3D CGI Maya Plug-In ·      Professional ·      Efficient ·      Fast ·      Reliable ·      Saves you time   S3D Technologies LLC, US-based research and development technology company that creates solutions for stereoscopic 3D production, is pleased to announce that it will launch the S3D CGI Maya Plug-In. The S3D CGI Maya Plug-In […]


Light Extruding

Some of you might have seen the “Making Future Magic” video on vimeo, it was made by extruding light out of an iPad… Cool right, well if you watch the video it required some pretty complicated 3D modeling, a little beyond your average photo guy. Meanwhile our good buddy Tim Smith from Canon had lent […]

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