One step closer to Bliss!

Many of you skeptics have doubts that Tech Media Planet will acquire a limousine to take our most loyal fans to next year’s NAB. Well, here I am, one step closer to bliss. With our logo proudly painted on the car, we’ve been taking this beauty for test rides all week and I have to say…. LOVING IT. It’s avant-garde, retro yet futuristic, it says “that guy must have been somebody, at some point”. In sum, it lives up to all the aspirations of TMP. I say let’s put it up to a vote. We already put the $162.73 aside to complete the purchase, all we need is a thumbs up from our listeners. If you think this is a MUST-HAVE-ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME beauty, let us know!

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2 Responses to “One step closer to Bliss!”

  1. avatar Steve says:

    I for one think this might be the best purchase of all time… I’m just saying…

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