Why would you pay 170k for a BMW without back seats or air conditioning?


If you know me you know that I love BMWs and if you love BMWs then you really love the M “for motor sports” devision of the company. These are the guys that build the X6/X5 M, the M5, M Roadster and my favorite the M3. Why? You might ask is this a topic for a technology blog… Well, I’m glad you ask. It’s not really but you can’t look at the new M3 GTS and not have a reaction. Now I’m not saying it’s going to be a positive one, the giant carbon fiber wing on the back or the bright orang paint might offend some but it’s what under the hood that makes this car something technoriphic…

You see the M division has taken the already outstanding M V8 and integrated all the tech tuning knowhow they’ve learned from their America LeMans racing team. That means you are driving a neon orange race car threw the McDonald’s drive threw… Now, it does cost $170,000.00 and if you haven’t ordered yours yet your out of luck until next year but you can’t ignore the fact that BMW is building you a custom race car, just for you. That’s because these cars are all hand built, you tell them the way you like it and they make it happen. Steering, breaking, suspension and engine tuning is all setup to the drivers specification, so when they drop it at your door (no dealer pickup as most of these cars won’t be street legal unless specified) it’s ready to hit the track.

When you look at it from that angle 170k doesn’t look like such a bad deal and hey, you get a free fire extinguisher…

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