Teradek’s Cube is one of the best ideas I’ve seen in a while…

So there’s this little company in Irvine called Teradek, they have a good reputation for building IP video streaming boxes. The kind you would hook up to your edit suite to share cuts with directors or producers in another location. Cool right? Well ya but not exactly mobile, until now.

They have just announced that their new Cube™ on camera streaming box is ready to roll out to folks with early order numbers. So what is it? Well, by attaching a small aluminum box to your camera and sending that box the monitor out feed (HD-SDI or HDMI) the Cube will offers up an H.264 encoded stream to anyone with a browser, that means laptops, phones and iPads… Really cool right? All the normal WiFi rules apply so distance is limited to your network coverage, so if you throw an access point and a few extenders around your set you’ll be able to see the shoot without needing a huge video village, although you might want to start looking for a set savvy IT guy…

The Cube™ is up for pre order on Teradek’s site starting at $1,490.00.

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