Why you should go see Step Up 3D…



I really liked Step Up 3D,

I know, crazy right. I was tricked into seeing it and ended up enjoying it. As you can imagine the story was not exactly the greatest (hilariously bad at times, which is a good thing), but the dancing was truly amazing. Now to be fair my wife comes from a family of dancers so I’m sure I have a higher level of exposure than your average cinema goer but come on, do you have to have family in the circus to enjoy Cirque du Soleil? No… So stop being such a douche.

Anyway, the reason I thought it was blog worthy is not the krumpin’ but the 3D, as some of you may know I have a list of films that were made better by being shot in 3D: Avatar, How To Train Your Dragon (only kinda counts) and now Step Up 3D… Jon Chu (Director) did something that you can only do in 3D, he put you in that seat you could never buy. At times your looking at the performance form the point of view of the dance team and others your ringside with a perfect view of the action. This is the one thing that 3D does better than anything else, it puts you right into the action, allowing you to really experience the picture not just watch it. Ken Seng’s (DP) photography was a little dark at time’s but I’ll bet that had more to do with the theater projection system than it did with him. The angles on the dance sequences were really creative and included enough depth to get a good 3D effect without going over the top.

As for the stereo imaging itself, it was comfortable. It really added to the dance sequences without taking away form the dialogue scenes. They played it safe and subscribed to the Jim Cameron school of 3D, the convergence always followed the focus and when a character was talking they were almost always the convergence point. Now there were a few silly 3D gags, but they were short and didn’t bother me too much.

Overall I was really impressed with the film but don’t miss it in theaters, 3D is a really big part of what makes this movie great, well that and if you miss this one the next opportunity you’ll have to see Jon Chu’s 3D work will be next years yet un-named “Justin Bieber 3D Project”, I don’t even need to make a joke there, the title says it all…

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