TV 3.0 Conference & Expo to Bring Together Executives from Across the Television Industry

TV 3.0 Conference & Expo: Innovations in TV and Content Delivery – to Bring Together Executives from Across the Television Industry 
TV 3.0 – Innovations in TV & Content Delivery will be held in Los Angeles, California on December 7th & 8th 2010. The event will provide an international forum for executives and technologists from the companies driving the future of TV to come together to discuss the opportunities and issues associated with the industry’s latest innovations.
AUSTIN, TEXAS, July 19, 2010 – IMS Conferences is pleased to announce that it will be hosting its third TV 3.0 Conference in Los Angeles, California on December 7th – 8th 2010. This year’s event will focus on the latest innovations in TV and content delivery. It will feature over 35 expert speakers from across the TV and content value chain, who will come together to discuss the opportunities and issues presented by the new TV paradigm, where vast amounts of content will be available on-demand and on a wide variety of devices. Questions to be addressed include:
  • How much 3D content do consumers really want, and how much can be provided profitably? Will operator bandwidth and production costs be the gating factors in its success?
  • Are the days of the traditional operator numbered? Will broadband Internet delivered content grow to become a serious threat to existing operator business models, and how will they evolve to overcome it?
  • How much content will be optimized for the very small screen, and how will this be monetized?
  • What effect will ubiquitous on-demand TV have on the advertising industry? How radically will content production and operator business models change?
  • How will huge libraries of content be catalogued and searched effectively, simply and quickly? What form will next generation UIs take?
  • How can the industry effectively protect content while enabling consumers to watch it on multiple devices?
  • In what ways and how quickly will traditional TV converge with gaming and social media? 
  • How immersive will TV become? What is beyond 3D?
The innovations theme will be further enhanced by a co-located expo, at which manufacturers and solution providers will showcase their latest products. In addition, the winners of the 2010 TV Innovation Awards will be announced and presented at a gala reception on the evening of December 7th. Last year the awards attracted over 100 entries from companies developing products and solutions on the cutting edge of television’s future.
A further enhancement to the event is that it will be held back-to-back with an exciting new conference from IMS entitled Intelligent Video 2010, which will explore the revolutionary changes that will be brought about by mass deployment of visually intelligent devices, applications and services.

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