You know with the advent of the iPhone 4 and it’s not-too-bad camera, I’ve been spending some time looking at Apps that make iPhone photo-taking a little more creative. In large, I’m not a big advocate of all photography happening on your phone; I think the depth of field you get from a 35mm film or digital camera gives pictures a surreal quality that you just can’t get from your phone. That being said, devices like the iPhone having a good camera make them great “opportunity cameras” but who wants the same boring old iPhone shots that everyone is getting?

To that point I’ve been playing with Hipstamatic from Synthetic Corp, it’s basically a filter and frame set for your iPhone but it’s presented like an old Leica. You change filters by flipping through different lenses, for example the John S. Lens gives you an un-coated bloomy look. You can also flip threw different film stock to give your pics an unfinished “just out of the soup” frame edge. Like any good iPhone app there are a ton of add-on packages you can pickup inside the app to increase the amount of lenses, film stock and flashes available. So, if your looking to Hip Up your iPhone pics check it out.

Hipstamatic is $1.99 on the app store.

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