EPISODE 15: RedRock Micro HD-SLR Support Rigs

|| Special Guest: Brian Valente ||

As the world draws its attention to the video capabilities of all the new DSLRs coming onto the market today, one element has always lagged behind : form factor.

While their sensors and prices have been alluring to even the seasoned professionals in the video field, their form factor is less than ideal, and why should it not be? They were designed to take still photographs!

As with all new innovations, technology begets new technology, and soon, other manufacturers saw a need and a market for providing stabilization and comfort to DSLR users looking to shoot video. This week, Brian Valente from Redrock Micro, discusses their offering in this arena as well as where he sees this all heading.

NOTE: To listen to the podcast on this page click on the play button below.

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