Universal Music and TuneSat Team Up to Monitor Performance Use in Boadcast Television

June 8, 2010 =96 Universal Music Publishing =20
Group (UMPG), the world=92s leading global music publisher, and TuneSat, =
LLC announced today that they have entered into a deal to utilize =20
TuneSat audio fingerprint technology to monitor performance use of =20
UMPG=92s vast copyrights across U.S. broadcast television.

=93 Whether it=92s UMPG=92s own proprietary system of Royalty Window, or =
our =20
new relationship with Tunesat, we believe in using technology to give =20=

our writers an edge in tracking and getting remuneration for their =20
music,=94 said David Renzer, Chairman/CEO of Universal Music Publishing =20=


=93This partnership reflects an important milestone in our company=92s =20=

growth,=94 said Scott Schreer, founder & CEO of TuneSat. =93Universal =20=

Music Publishing Group represents an extremely valuable catalog of =20
copyrights that we will assist in monetizing by providing data related =20=

to their catalog=92s use.=94

Performing rights organizations, such as ASCAP, BMI and SESAC collect =20=

and distribute approximately $2 billion dollars a year in domestic =20
public and broadcast performance licensing income detecting the =20
exploitation of copyrights in broadcast media.

=93As the music industry further evolves into a service based industry, =20=

the market will increasingly turn to proven partners who help =20
copyright owners maximize the collection of their performance =20
royalties by ensuring accuracy and finding unlicensed use of their =20
works. In the digital era, they should expect nothing less,=94 said =20
Chris Woods, EVP of TuneSat. =93The deal with UMPG demonstrates that =20
TuneSat delivers on the promise of digital monitoring by utilizing our =20=

proprietary audio fingerprint technology.=94

TuneSat’s technology, like none-other, is forensic in its ability to =20
identify music in any environment. A =93fingerprint=94 is taken of a =20=

digital audio file, essentially extracting and storing the =93DNA=94 of =20=

that recording into the TuneSat archive, and subsequently recognizes =20
and logs the broadcast activity of that scoring cue or song providing =20=

information online in virtual real time.

The music can be detected, even after additional audio elements have =20
been added to a media production, such as in commercials, voiceovers, =20=

dialogue, sound effects, and other =93dirty audio=94 environments.

Subscribers using TuneSat technology reveal significant numbers of =20
unlicensed performances, where production companies or broadcasters =20
used music without the proper licenses in place from the copyright =20
owners. TuneSat=92s innovative offering provides a path to ensure this =20=

kind of activity is a thing of the past.

In an age of increasing accountability and transparency, TuneSat=92s =20
service offers a number of fundamental innovations that provide =20
composers, publishers and artists with immediate, verifiable access to =20=

detections of their music, thereby maximizing the successful =20
collection of performance royalties, while also protecting their =20

About TuneSat LLC

In an increasingly noisy world, TuneSat deftly detects music use just =20=

about anywhere, including under dialogue, sound effects, or =20
voiceovers, in full duration – even in the noisiest of environments – =20=

providing unrivaled, accurate reporting information to its clients. =20
With a TuneSat subscription, access to worldwide detection data is =20
available 24/7/365 through a secure online portal in as little as an =20
hour after broadcast. Detailed reports provide valuable information =20
about how much music was used, when and where including a downloadable =20=

recording of the captured detection. TuneSat is actively monitoring on =20=

behalf of clients in the U.S., UK, France, Germany, and Italy with =20
more than 200 channels and more territories to come. TuneSat LLC is =20
based in New York City. For more information, please visit =

About Universal Music Publishing Group

With 51 offices in 43 territories worldwide, Universal Music =20
Publishing Group (UMPG) is the industry’s leading global music =20
publishing operation. UMPG represents music in every genre from some =20
of the world’s hottest songwriters and catalogs including Abba, Adele, =20=

Christina Aguilera, Lily Allen, Beach Boys, Beastie Boys, Bjork, Mary =20=

J. Blige, Mariah Carey, Ciara, The Clash, Coldplay, Elvis Costello, =20
The Cure, Daughtry, Gloria and Emilio Estefan, Franz Ferdinand, Jimi =20
Hendrix, Elton John/Bernie Taupin, Joy Division, Keane, R. Kelly, The =20=

Killers, Diana Krall, Avril Lavigne, Linkin Park, Henry Mancini, =20
Maroon 5, Prince, Otis Redding, Sex Pistols, Paul Simon, Britney =20
Spears, 3 Doors Down, Justin Timberlake, T-Pain, and U2, among many =20
others. UMPG is also a global leader in the areas of Production Music, =20=

Christian and Classical Music. For more information please visit =

# # #

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