Civolution Launches Certification Program for NexGuard Digital Cinema Watermarking

Civolution Launches Certification Program =
for NexGuard Digital =
Cinema Watermarking

Eindhoven June 17th, =
2010 =96 Civolution, the leading =
provider of technology and solutions for identifying, managing, and =
monetizing media content,
 introduced a formal =
validation program for its NexGuard forensic marking technology used in =
digital cinema systems.
The validation tools and declaration of =
conformity, to evidence the validation of the watermarking technology =
core function, entitle Civolution=92s partners (manufacturers of digital =
cinema equipment, which comply with the requirements of the Digital =
Cinema Initiative (DCI, to verify =
and confirm activation and operation of the watermarking technology, and =
correct embedding upon in-theatre =
=91=92Forensic marking =
is essential to help identify the source of illicit in-theatre recording =
of motion pictures,=92=92 says Michael Karagosian of MKPE Consulting. =
=91=92This new validation process is an important step in ensuring that =
fully functional and effective marking is taking place in digital cinema =
When implemented in accordance with the DCI specification, =
digital cinema forensic marking provides seamless content tracking for =
cinema owners and movie studios, beyond that available today with film =
=91=92Along with the =
certification procedure, Civolution
 provides a quality =
check (QC) software tool that allows easy checking of the NexGuard – =
Digital Cinema watermarking behaviour implemented in a vendor=92s server =
or media block,
=92=92 =
explains Jean-Michel Masson, Senior Vice President, Watermarking =
Operations, Civolution. =91=92The new procedure will facilitate product =
validation and DCI certification for all of our partners and provides =
transparency to the industry.=92=92
The goal is to ensure that every Digital Cinema =
server or Media Block software release includes the DCI-compliant =
watermarking function in order to satisfy movie studios expectations and =
meet  one mandatory component of the DCI specification compliance =
testing for digital cinema equipment. Members of the Inter-Society =
Digital Cinema Forum (ISDCF, have approved and agreed upon the new =
tools and procedures.
Civolution=92s watermarking technology has =
already been deployed in volume worldwide by leading server and media =
block manufacturers. Once media block and digital cinema server =
manufacturers have completed the certification process, and comply with =
watermarking licensing terms, Civolution will publish on its website a =
listing of each digital cinema server model and version with confirmed =
declarations of conformity.
The NexGuard – Digital Cinema watermarking =
technology has been in operation in thousands of theatres since the =
worldwide introduction of digital technology in 2006, and is compatible =
with 2K, 4K, 2D and 3D systems. Watermarking upon projection enables the =
identification of the theatre screen and the time of projection, a =
condition made mandatory by the movie studios that were instrumental in =
establishing DCI specifications. DCI specifications ensure a uniform, =
high level of technical performance, along with reliability and quality =


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