Channel Master now offers over-the-air HD Digital Video Recorder

CM-7000PAL =
DVR Features 250 GB Storage and Simple Solution for Recording =
Over-the-Air Digital Signals
Phoenix, =
Ariz., June 7, 2010 =96 Channel Master, one of the nation’s leading =
consumer electronics manufacturer, announced today the availability of =
the CM-7000PAL DVR at authorized Channel Master retailers =
The =
CM-7000PAL DVR, the first DVR offered by Channel Master, is the only =
digital-to-analog converter box sold in the U.S. that works with =
over-the-air TV antennas to offer high definition digital video =
recording functionality with no monthly fees or subscriptions. It also =
eliminates messy video tapes and complex connections between converter =
boxes and VCRs.
The =
CM-7000PAL DVR gives consumers the flexibility to watch their favorite =
over-the-air programming whenever they want via its advanced recording =
features. It allows viewing and recording of HD and standard definition =
digital programming, giving access to the highest resolution available =
from local TV stations. Viewers can pause, fast forward and rewind =
programs or use the slow motion feature to watch clips frame by =
=93There are =
over 10 million households in the U.S. that rely solely on over-the-air =
broadcast and a large number of them have been using Channel Master =
products to receive their television programming for more than 50 =
years,=94 said Steve Youtsey, president and CEO of Channel Master. =93As =
a leader in offering over-the-air antennas, we’re excited to deliver to =
our retailers a complementary product like the CM-7000PAL DVR that =
easily connects to TV antennas to bring millions of consumers their =
local stations in high definition. And the simple-to-use CM-7000PAL DVR =
makes an excellent accessory to millions of HD-ready TVs without digital =
tuners. In addition to developing products that complement cable and =
satellite, we are also targeting consumers who have cut the cord and =
rely on alternative means for their television =
Other =
features of the CM-7000PAL DVR include the ability to pause live TV, =
dual tuners for recording two shows at once, an easy-to-follow setup =
wizard, an on-screen program guide with up to seven days of listings, =
parental controls, program search, closed-caption support, a remote =
control, and on-screen signal strength meter.
Channel Master will provide =
customer support for the CM-7000PAL DVR and make the product available =
through its sales channels, including Fry=92s Electronics, = and other major retailers. The CM-7000PAL DVR is =
available for $399 MSRP.
About Channel Master
For over 60 =
years Channel Master has been a global leader in the design and =
manufacturing of television reception products. Channel Master offers an =
extensive range of products designed to enhance the television viewing =
experience. A privately held company since 1949, Channel Master is =
headquartered in Arizona=92s Phoenix metro area and is one of the most =
recognized and trusted names for terrestrial antennas, video related =
accessories and consumer electronics. In recent years the Channel Master =
product offering has advanced from terrestrial antennas to a more =
sophisticated line of products such as digital set-top boxes and =
consumer electronics devices. Visit


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