Tech Media Planet was created to fulfill one basic mission: to provide a home for all that is Film and Television production and post-production. Suny comes from the production end of things, providing perspective and interest to anything related to acquiring an image. From Vista-Vision to Pixel-Vision, no image acquisition medium is too large, too small, too expensive or too cheap to be discussed on our site. Steve comes from the post-production side of things, and keeps an keen eye on everything related to the finishing process, from the very first rough cut, to the very first theatrical screening. Together they hope to create a community of like-minded creative individuals seeking to further the art and technique of making a movie.

What will you find on our website?

Once a month, Suny and Steve host an audio podcast where they invite a leader in the Film and Television community (either a camera manufacturer, post solutions provider, etc..) to discuss their latest technologies. The show is colored in personal commentary and opinion and is definitely not something you will want to tune in to if you’re just looking for dry exposition.

This is the repository of information at Tech Media Planet. Our forums are moderated by a range of experts in various fields and hope to provide clarification to many technical issues you might be having. Feel free to pop in and snoop around.  If you would like to visit our forums please click on the button on the left.

Occasionally (especially during NAB), we will go out with a camera crew and tape interviews on hot new products and services. These are usually in-depth Q&A’s as well as product reviews, all shot in HD and hosted on our site, as well as our Web Channel on YouTube (search for us at : techmediaplanet). Go ahead and visit our video section – please click on the button on the left.

This is Steve’s Blog. Anything and everything that happens in his life, will probably pass through this portal. Viewer beware! Musings range from post enginerring quandries to wondering why fourteen year old girls love Twitter so much. Go ahead make Steve’s day and click on the button on the left.

This is Suny’s blog. He often sees strange things, and runs into even more bizarre people. To read and hear about his thoughts on a huge array of mysterious and slightly disturbing film and television topics, you’ve come to the right place. Click on the link to the left to reach Suny’s MyFace Twotter page.

Media outlets from around the world send us Press Releases. We realized that some of the stuff is really cool and that people would want to know about them so we created a channel where we post the latest and most interesting tech-related press releases.

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