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MATROX at NAB 2012 : Thunderbolt Solutions

  Interview at NAB 2012. Thunderbolt has grown in popularity in the recent months and Matrox has been happy to join the fray with some pretty exciting Thunderbolt solutions of their own.


SONNET at CETE 2011 : Thunderbolt Expansion Chassis

Interview at Createasphere Entertainment Technology Expo 2011. Since Apple announced the availability of Thunderbolt ports it was just a matter of time before a manufacturer stepped up to the plate with an expansion chassis solution. Sonnet’s implementation allows anyone with a MacBook Pro to build out a fully powered data crunching machine complete with RED […]


MATROX at NAB 2011 : Overview

  Interview at NAB 2011.¬†Matrox is always a contender in the technology arena with their MXO technology and their h.264 encoders. This year was no different. Francesco Scartozzi walks us through their entire Thunderbolt line-up of products. Featured in Episode 25 of the Tech Media Planet Podcast.


G-Tech at NAB 2011 : G SPEED eS PRO

  Interview at NAB 2011.¬†Pete Schlatter gives us a tour of the G-Tech product line, including the ultra fast and quiet G SPEED eS PRO, the small ruggedized G-Drive Duro, and let us not forget THUNDERBOLT. Featured in Episode 25 of the Tech Media Planet Podcast.

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