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MATROX at NAB 2012 : Thunderbolt Solutions

  Interview at NAB 2012. Thunderbolt has grown in popularity in the recent months and Matrox has been happy to join the fray with some pretty exciting Thunderbolt solutions of their own.


MATROX at NAB 2012 : MiniConverters MC-100

  Interview at NAB 2012. What AJA and BlackMagic seem to require multiple boxes to do, Matrox seems to do in one little magical box called the MC-100. See for yourself!  


MATROX at NAB 2012 : KVM Extension Avio F120

  Interview at NAB 2012. Need to extend your monitors and keyboard way out into another room or building! Look no further than the AVIO F120…  


MATROX at NAB 2011 : Overview

  Interview at NAB 2011.┬áMatrox is always a contender in the technology arena with their MXO technology and their h.264 encoders. This year was no different. Francesco Scartozzi walks us through their entire Thunderbolt line-up of products. Featured in Episode 25 of the Tech Media Planet Podcast.

MATROX at NAB 2010

MATROX at NAB 2010

Video interview at NAB 2010. Alberto Cieri discusses all the novelties offered by Matrox this year. Some really cool stuff like MAX 2.0 as well a new offerings in the MXO product line. How about monitoring via SDI using the AVID without Mojo hardware? They have a solution. Featured in EPISODE 17 of the Tech […]

MATROX at NAB 2009

MATROX at NAB 2009

Video interview at NAB 2009. Pierre-Martin Dion walks through the whole line of MXO, MXO Mini, and MXO 2 external IO boxes. Featured in EPISODE 13 of the Tech Media Planet Podcast.

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