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GoPro at NAB 2012 : Wifi Back

  Interview at NAB 2012. With one of the most dynamic booths at NAB, GoPro didn’t fail to impress this year again. This time, it was a demonstration of their new Wifi Remote control unit controlling up to 50 cameras at once. Yeah… Be a Hero…  


Episode 27: GoPro

|| Special Guest: Bradford Schmidt || Bradford Schmidt from GoPro, joins our hosts to discuss the latest evolution in the world of small portable POV cameras. GoPro has exploded onto the scene as the go-to, small, lightweight, POV camera for action sports and photography. Now with the acquisition of Cineform and the release of their […]

Episode 17:  NAB 10 – Wrap Up

Episode 17: NAB 10 – Wrap Up

|| Hosted by: Suny & Steve || This was an exciting year for both technology and innovation. 3D seems to be the new HD, with offerings from all major manufacturers both on the acquisition side and the display side of the equation. Our hosts will break down what’s hot, and also who showed what. With […]

GoPro HD at NAB 2010

GoPro HD at NAB 2010

Video interview at NAB 2010. Nicholas Woodman gives us the complete low down on the coolest, smallest, most versatile little 1080p HD camera we have ever seen. The GoPro HD is perfect as a POV camera, or as a car/boat/airplane/submarine mounted camera. Check it out! Featured in EPISODE 17 of the Tech Media Planet Podcast.

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