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Canon at NAB 2012 : C500

Interview at NAB 2012. The much anticipated follow up to the Canon C300. The C500 definitely brings with it some “Big Boy” features. 4K RAW recording (to an off-board recorder) and a slew of enhancements to its 1080p recording. Worth $30,000? Hmmmm…..    


Canon at NAB 2012 : 1D C

  Interview at NAB 2012. That is one heck of a DSLR. 4K recording on board to CF cards, as well as high resolution Full Frame sensor stills. This does come at a pretty steep price of $15,000. Is it worth it? You decide!  


Canon : Welcome to Hollywood!

After much anticipation, Canon finally revealed it’s new Digital Cinema plans to the world at a rather lavish and visually impressive display at Paramount Studios. I’ve been to quite a few launches and premieres at Paramount, but I do have to say that what Canon set-up was quite impressive. Rumors have been swirling of them […]


REDROCK MICRO at NAB 2011 : microRemote

Interview at NAB 2011. Brian Valente demos a highly impressive and sophisticated remote follow focus system centered around an iPhone! Featured in Episode 25 of the Tech Media Planet Podcast.


Episode 23: Hot Rod Cameras

|| Special Guest: Illya Friedman || President of Hot Rod Cameras and the inventor of the Hot Rod PL, Illya Friedman walks us through his line-up of Canon 5D and 7D lens adaptors. Illya also discusses the ultra popular PL lens adaptor for the Panasonic GH-1, GH-2, and AF-100 as well as his latest Electronic […]

EPISODE 14:  CANON’s latest HD-SLR offerings

EPISODE 14: CANON’s latest HD-SLR offerings

|| Special Guest: Tim Smith || 2009 will forever be known as the year the HD-SLRs rocked the video world. You can’t talk about video acquisition today without bringing HD-SLRs into the mix. Their ability to acquire highly cinematic images with great depth of field separation at prices often under $2000, makes them a force […]

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