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BlackMagic Design at NAB 2012 : Hyperdeck Studio

  Interview at NAB 2012. Welcome to the new era of solid state recording. With this offering BlackMagic Design redefines the concept of a Tape/Studio Deck. With instant recording, cueing and playback, tape as we know it might finally be put to rest.  

Episode 17:  NAB 10 – Wrap Up

Episode 17: NAB 10 – Wrap Up

|| Hosted by: Suny & Steve || This was an exciting year for both technology and innovation. 3D seems to be the new HD, with offerings from all major manufacturers both on the acquisition side and the display side of the equation. Our hosts will break down what’s hot, and also who showed what. With […]

BlackMagic Design at NAB 2010

BlackMagic Design at NAB 2010

Video interview at NAB 2010. Stuart Ashton walks us through all of the new offerings from BlackMagic Design, and there were a ton of them! From cutting edge USB3 devices to their recently acquired Da Vinci Resolve, you won’t want to miss this! Featured in EPISODE 17 of the Tech Media Planet Podcast.

EPISODE 06:  New Blackmagic Product Line-up

EPISODE 06: New Blackmagic Product Line-up

|| Special Guest: Matt Stoneking || Panasonic had a substantial presence at this year’s NAB 2008, and for good reason. Blackmagic Design was out in full force this year at NAB 2008, with an impressive display of new items as well as upgrades to their existing products. From a literal “wall of BNC plugs” in […]

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