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Art in the Streets Exhibit

Today is the last day of MOCA’s Art in the Streets exhibition. For those who haven’t heard, it’s a retrospective of this past century’s most influential “street artists”. After the public success of this year’s Academy Award nominated film “Exit through the gift shop”, many people are now getting acquainted with names such as Banksy, […]


Banksy’s Gone!

  Where once stood an imaginative and thought provoking piece of art by one of the most elusive street artists of our times BANKSY, now stands…. nothing. 18% GREY to be more exact. The landlord of this building in Westwood Village that houses an “Urban Outfitters” among other tenants was really “annoyed” to find that […]

Arrested by Banksy's Work

Banksy in Westwood!

  Banksy at Work! When “Exit through the GiftShop” was nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Documentary Feature category, the question on everyone’s mind was “Is Banksy going to show up and accept the award himself, should he win?”. Hopes of this happening were dashed earlier last week when producers of the Academy […]

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