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Episode 21:  RED EPIC

Episode 21: RED EPIC

|| Special Guest: Ted Schilowitz || After all the hype and build up, it seems like the RED EPIC is finally a reality. What better time to bring Ted back on our show to discuss the latest in RED developments. We discuss the current state of EPIC, Scarlet, REDCINE, HDR, RED RAY, 3D using RED […]

Episode 20: The Teradek CUBE

Episode 20: The Teradek CUBE

|| Special Guest: Rod Clark || Just when you thought there was nothing else you could possible mount on your camera, the fine folks at Teradek bring you the Cube. No, this one has nothing to do with the mind-numbing multi-colored Rubik’s Cube, but it is equally as impressive. A realtime HD-SDI encoder that allows […]

Episode 19: PluralEyes

Episode 19: PluralEyes

|| Special Guest: Bruce Sharpe || Bruce Sharpe from Singular Software, explains the magic behind two of their revolutionary software products: PluralEyes and DualEyes. With the advent of the HDSLR revolution came a giant step back; the need to sync double system audio. Remember those days of film, when you had to chase down the […]


Episode 18: Createasphere

|| Special Guest: Kristin Petrovich Kennedy || Kristin from Createasphere talks to us about the challenges and opportunities in the field of professional film and television education. Should you go to film school? What about learning on set? Maybe attending a seminar or webinar? There seem to be so many different options available today to […]

Episode 17:  NAB 10 – Wrap Up

Episode 17: NAB 10 – Wrap Up

|| Hosted by: Suny & Steve || This was an exciting year for both technology and innovation. 3D seems to be the new HD, with offerings from all major manufacturers both on the acquisition side and the display side of the equation. Our hosts will break down what’s hot, and also who showed what. With […]

Episode 16:  Marshall Electronics

Episode 16: Marshall Electronics

|| Special Guest: Bernie Keach || As shooters begin to embrace the advantages offered by the new HD-SLR cameras available on today’s market, one element seems to be on everybody’s mind: FOCUS. These large image sensors are being previewed and evaluated with on-board screens of only 2 to 3 inches in diagonal, hardly enough to […]

EPISODE 15:  RedRock Micro HD-SLR Support Rigs

EPISODE 15: RedRock Micro HD-SLR Support Rigs

|| Special Guest: Brian Valente || As the world draws its attention to the video capabilities of all the new DSLRs coming onto the market today, one element has always lagged behind : form factor. While their sensors and prices have been alluring to even the seasoned professionals in the video field, their form factor […]

EPISODE 14:  CANON’s latest HD-SLR offerings

EPISODE 14: CANON’s latest HD-SLR offerings

|| Special Guest: Tim Smith || 2009 will forever be known as the year the HD-SLRs rocked the video world. You can’t talk about video acquisition today without bringing HD-SLRs into the mix. Their ability to acquire highly cinematic images with great depth of field separation at prices often under $2000, makes them a force […]

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