FROM NAB 2011 : Apple demos new Final Cut Pro


At this year’s Final Cut Pro User Group Supermeet in Las Vegas (during NAB 2011), Apple surprised everyone by buying out the entire event. Why would they do that?

Yes, I already gave it up in the title, a brand spanking new 64bit, complete re-write of Final Cut Pro. Here is a clandestine iPhone photo taken during the NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY event.

Many, many amazing features. Magnetic timeline, etc… that you will no doubt hear all about very soon. An amazingly low price of $299, and a scheduled release date of June. I think this release which some are dubbing Imovie Pro, has many great editorial advantages. My only beef would be that it seems as if Apple has decided to abandon the whole studio concept, and just provide you with Final Cut Pro. So Soundtrack and COLOR now seemed blended into the single timeline, which for this user is definitely a negative. You don’t want to be at the mix stage of your project, and still be looking at your picture cut, and you don’t want to be color grading, having to double-click each clip to apply color correction… seems like a very large step back from the Studio perspective….but a giant step forward for the “editor” portion of FCP.

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