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I get ask that a lot. I’ve got a mix of stuff, a few games, a lot of comics and a few apps that I use every day at work… So I thought I would put together a quick list. Enjoy.

Good Reader
This app will let you view just about any file on your iPad. It’s great for reading scripts or looking at budgets that were created in Excel. You can even make notes on PDFs…

White Note
This is the app I use to take all my notes in meetings or on calls, you can make free hand sketches and make voice notes too. It lets you organize your notes into different projects that show up as tabs on the bottom of the page so it’s really fast to switch between different sets of notes.

Good for Enterprise
Is a necessary evil for some exchange system. It has all your exchange contacts and calendars and gives you access to your corporate email. It’s a little buggy and is not yet iPad native so it will show up in an iPhone sized box in the middle of the screen. Apparently there is an update coming out soon that will fix some of that, so for those of us without the option for Active Snyc access this is the next best thing.

This is a cloud based storage system. So you use a web browser or the desktop app to upload documents or movies or whatever to the could, then on your iPad those things are assessable threw the DropBox app or in Good Reader. It’s much faster than emailing everything to yourself so you can get it onto your iPad.

This app is an RSS aggregator that works with Google Reader. Once you’ve setup a Goolge account and added some feeds to your Google Reader account feeddler give you an easy way to read all those articles and keeps the ones that you’ve read updated to you can pickup where you leftoff when you get back to your computer on even on the feeddler app running on your iPhone…

HBO (the app)
All the minisodes and behind the sense stuff ends up in here. There’s even Game Of Thrones clips!

This app allows you to stream all of the Netflix on demand catalogue. It’s also a quick way to add and remove things from your Netflix que without having to visit their website.

Amazon Kindle (the app)
This app allows you to read all of the books you’ve already downloaded for the Amazon Kindle store. Just enter your Amazon ID into the app and your off.

Popular Science Magazine
This is one of the best magazines for the iPad, it’s really interactive so it really shows off what reading something on the iPad should be like.

These guys have got the market cornered on comics for the iPad, they have all the major publishers including Marvel, DC and release the super popular “The Walking Dead” from Image comics the same day it’s available in stores.

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