10.7 Lion… What does it all mean.

So as I’m sure everyone has heard by now Apple is going to talk about what’s happening with the Mac on Oct 20th. They are also going to show off Mac OS 10.7, which is already being called Lion based on the glimpse of a Lion being offered on the official apple invitation. So what’s the deal with OS 10.7? I’m not sure but I’ll bet it has a lot to do with multi touch. Steve has said that touch will be a part of the next desktop OS but I’ll bet it’s more than just a part, I think it’s an opportunity to completely re-invent the way we interact with our computers. Think about it, the touchscreen is not what makes the iPhone so cool… It’s the OS that leverages that touchscreen in such a unique and original way. I’m not saying that you should throw away your keyboard and mouse and embrace a smudgy screen filed life but imagine everything you love about iOS blended with everything you love about OS X… Just as iOS wasn’t OS X on a small screen, largely designed for a mouse but running on a really small screen (remember windows CE, ya… not that). I’d like to believe that OS 10.7 will have a much more elegant blending of touch screen tech not just a super sized version iOS stuff, ok… So photo editing is a given, rotating, cropping, flipping threw photos, that makes sense but use your imagination and think about garbing a sketchup drawing and flipping it around and then zooming in on it without touching your mouse… What about custom controls for applications like Final Cut or Logic, no need to spend a bunch of cash on an external surface if you can actually move all those vertical faders on your screen by touching them… What about color correction in FCP, move the 3 way color controls at the same time just by garbing them…

It’s not cretin what Apple is up to, but if you think about it this could be something much more than just an OS update…

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