FxFactory Partner Dashwood Cinema Solutions Sets 3D Milestone


New Stereo3D Toolbox 2.0 and Stereo3D Toolbox LE plug-ins extend
advanced and basic stereoscopic mastering capabilities for
professional 3D box-office creations inside Final Cut Studio and After

Boston, MA – June 24, 2010 – Noise Industries development partner
Dashwood Cinema Solutions has released a significant update to its
award-winning, professional Stereo3D Toolbox™ plug-in for
stereoscopic 3D mastering, as well as an inexpensive limited edition
(LE) version for a more accessible entry into stereoscopic 3D content
creation. Developed by stereo-cinematographer and Dashwood Cinema
Solutions founder Tim Dashwood, both plug-in suites are powered by
FxFactory and are designed to work with Adobe® After Effects®,
Apple® Final Cut Pro®, Apple Motion®, and Apple Final Cut® Express

The recent explosion of 3D motion pictures in theaters around the
globe has prompted exceptional interest in stereoscopic technology.
Dashwood Cinema Solutions’ Stereo3D Toolbox 2.0 leverages powerful
technology for easy stereoscopic content creation on the Mac. Its
expansive capabilities empower artists with the ability to repair,
align and then output media to a wide-range of stereoscopic 3D
formats. Innovative features in the new version offer a greater
creative recipe; feeding 3D impulses with new capabilities that
include: improved sub-pixel precision, pixel-precise straight or
angled floating windows, high-contrast “ghost busting,” intuitive
preview tools, finer control of image exposure and color balance, 2D+Z-
Depth to stereoscopic conversion, and more.

With Dashwood Cinema Solutions’ new Stereo3D Toolbox LE, 3D
enthusiasts have an affordable gateway into 3D content creation with
the most basic stereoscopic 3D post-production tools necessary to
optimize stereoscopically acquired footage. Features within the
limited edition version incorporate convergence adjustment and
vertical, zoom and rotational disparity correction tools, “autoscale,”
a preview screen within the user interface, and the ability to output
clips to popular stereoscopic monitors and delivery formats –
including YouTube® 3D.

“When we first released Stereo3D Toolbox version 1, we expected it to
be used by a few small stereoscopic 3D production houses, but were
completely surprised by the positive response from the Hollywood post-
community, as well as the thousands of hobbyists around the world,”
says Tim Dashwood. “They each have very different needs, which is what
prompted the development of version 2, with more professional
stereoscopic tools, and the ‘LE’ version, to accommodate hobbyists’
limited budgets.”

“Since the version 1 release of Stereo 3D Toolbox, stereoscopic 3D has
turned into a global epidemic, becoming a standard component of almost
every animated feature-length film,” says Niclas Bahn, director of
business development, Noise Industries. “We were happy to work again
with Tim Dashwood to develop an enhanced version of the version 1 plug-
in, as well as a new lower-end release to satisfy the curiosity of
enthusiasts just stepping into 3D waters.”

Stereo3D Toolbox v2.0 Feature Highlights
? Precise Stereoscopic Alignment: Filters allow adjustments to the
convergence of scenes with horizontal image translation (HIT), while
eliminating vertical, rotational, keystone and focal length disparity
using either pixel-based or scalable percentage sliders. All
adjustments can be keyframed with sub-pixel precision and “ease in/
out” Bezier curves. The “Geometry” filter also features the
“autoscale” function to automatically eliminate cropped edges, as well
as stereoscopic scale, rotation and reframe tools.
? Advanced Stereoscopic Mastering Tools: The “Virtual Floating
Window” filter can be used to create and keyframe pixel-precise
straight or angled crops to minimize the effects of stereo window
violations, while “Ghost Toaster™” aids in the reduction of high-
contrast crossover in circularly polarized display systems and monitors.
? Preview Tools Within the User Interface: Active preview tools
that immediately present valuable feedback, including basic motion
statistics, L/R difference mode, and the new anaglyph outlines
preview. Circular Polarized 3D monitors are also now supported by the
Canvas window in Final Cut Studio.
? Finer Control of Image Balance: Controls are now available for
exposure, input and output levels, saturation, white balance preset,
and individual RGB input/output levels.
? 2D + Z-Depth Conversion to Stereo3D: Designed for converting 2D
+Z-Depth Map CGI renders to stereoscopic 3D, the “Z-Depth Map” filter
can also be used to create custom rotoscoped depth maps in After
Effects or Motion for 2D to 3D dimensionalization processes.
? Multiple Stereoscopic Formats: Supports the output of the most
popular stereoscopic delivery formats, including side-by-side, above-
below, line-by-line (a.k.a. field-sequential), column interleaved,
checkerboard, and tunable anaglyph modes (R/C, B/Y, G/M). Also
supports most inexpensive non-HD resolution 3D monitors and most of
the new consumer stereoscopic active-shutter displays.
? Stereoscopic Text: Provides a complete solution for creating and
positioning flat text in 3D-space.

Stereo3D Toolbox LE Feature Highlights
? Adjust Convergence and Correct Disparity: Filters allow
adjustments to the convergence of scenes with horizontal image
translation (HIT), while eliminating vertical, rotational and zoom
disparity using pixel-based “ping-pong” sliders.
? Stereoscopic Input and Output: Accepts discreet left and right
video clips, line-by-line interlaced 3D clips, or side-by-side clips
(squeezed or un-squeezed). Also supports the output of popular
stereoscopic delivery formats like side-by-side, line-by-line
interlaced (field-sequential) and red/cyan anaglyph.
? Direct Upload to YouTube 3D: Finished stereoscopic 3D video can
be directly uploaded to YouTube from the latest Final Cut Studio with
side-by-side formatting.
? Autoscale: Eliminates the cropped edges created by adjusting
convergence and repairing disparities.
? Preview Screen Within the User Interface: Includes active
preview screens for valuable feedback, including monochrome anaglyph,
L/R difference mode, and the new anaglyph outlines preview.

Availability and Pricing of Stereo3D ToolBox 2.0 and Stereo3D Toolbox
LE Stereo3D
Toolbox 2.0 and Stereo3D Toolbox LE can be purchased at http://www.stereo3dtoolbox.com
for $1499 USD and $99 USD, respectively.

After Effects, Final Cut Studio and Apple Final Cut Express users can
also sample hundreds of other FxFactory plug-ins by downloading the
free trial version of FxFactory from: http://www.noiseindustries.com/fxfactory

About Tim Dashwood
Tim Dashwood is the founder of Dashwood Cinema Solutions, as well as a
seasoned cinematographer, director and editor. He has been shooting
stereoscopic photos as a hobby for the last decade and has more
recently focused on stereo-cinematography. Dashwood has served as a
cinematographer for five feature length films, countless short films
and music videos, including a number in stereoscopic 3D. Dashwood’s
current projects include a stereoscopic feature-length film.

About Dashwood Cinema Solutions
Dashwood Cinema Solutions is a division of 11 Motion Pictures Limited,
a Toronto, Ontario, Canada-based Production Company that specializes
in previsualization, music videos and film production. For additional
information about Dashwood Cinema Solutions, please visit: http://www.DashwoodCinemaSolutions.com

About Noise Industries, LLC
Established in 2004, Boston, Massachusetts-based Noise Industries is
an innovative developer of visual effects tools for the post-
production and broadcast community. Its products are integrated with
popular non-linear editing and compositing products from Apple and
Adobe. For more information about Noise Industries, please visit: http://www.noiseindustries.com

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